SWBFII Official Glitching Site!

Stop your bitchin' and start glitchin'!


Here you will find the server's status. 


Formerly using SWBFSpy to serve the world

the home page

This was the home page of the SWBFII OFFICIAL GLITCHING server for the Playstation 2 version of Star Wars Battlefront II. Not only did we allow glitching, we embraced it as a normal aspect of game play.

There were numerous mod's used in the server, some to facilitate glitching, others just for fun. Some were obvious but most were subtle and you had to discover them on your own. They were changed frequently so you never knew what you'd find.

In the forums you could post mod ideas or what ya think of the forum. Log In

You could track your stat's on GameTracker

the chat box


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