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Hello everybody I just wanted to let you all know that, as of today, the Battlefront Community's annual summer tournament is open for registration. This is an invitation for everybody to go ahead and sign up for Season Eight. I feel the need to say that theres no glitching allowed in BFC battles haha. But yeah, last year 106 battles were played among about 12 teams and this year we are hoping for even more activity. So, as long as your team has at least 3 members, and you will be somewhat active this summer, feel free to join. The tournament runs from May 1st to August 3rd, and its ladder style, so even late sign-ups are fine.


Even if you don't choose to sign up, feel free to talk with all of the competitive players over at:


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Glad you think of the glitching community but you won't get much out of these players...


I will crap on you little noobs from such a level you will think god himself has taken a shit on you.

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Yeah, I appreciate the invitation but I'm just an average player.  I'd get owned.

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Have you considered inviting some of the EU players? Some of them are pretty serious players.


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Yes Pyro, 2 European clans have already signed up and we now have a total of 10. Two more American clans are yet to sign up so it looks like we will have about 12 which is plenty

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I've been doing some advertising again and figured I would bump my old post.  :)

The BFC is entering into what could likely be its final tournament, Season 12. The new site link is:


It's open ladder format and anyone is welcome to sign up. The plan is to host tournaments for the new game once that comes out, but nothing is set in stone since we know very little about the new game so far.

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pvt ramiriz
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Well i'll be damned someone else is actually on for once lol.

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