SWBFII Official Glitching Site!

Stop your bitchin' and start glitchin'!



Q: Is this a paid server?

A: No, we do not rent server space on any service. We are a privately owned professional grade server that we manage ourselves.

Q: Where do you get the mods used on this server?

A: We make all the mods on this server ourselves.

Q: How can I make mods?

A: There are many ways to alter game play.

  • Cheat codes. These are codes built into the game itself that modify the game play via a series of buttons on the game pad. These cheats cannot be used when hosting a game.
  • PS2 Cheater programs. These are 3rd party programs (i.e. GameShark, CodeBreaker) on CD that you run before starting your game that allows you to modify game play. These can be used when hosting an on line game with your PlayStation.
  • Memory editors such as Cheat Engine (a.k.a. CE). CE is a program used on a PC based dedicated server and edits the game in memory as it’s running. It requires scanning and modifying values to alter game play and can be used when hosting on line games on a dedicated server.
  • HEX editing. With HEX editing you edit the game data files that are used by a PC based dedicated server. This requires an understanding of editing files with a HEX editor and can be used when hosting on line games on a dedicated server.  

Q: How are the mods on this server made?

A: We create mods by HEX editing the data files used to run a dedicated server on a PC.

Q: How do you HEX edit?

A: that is too big a topic for an FAQ and too in depth for this website. There are many tutorials on line about HEX editing. An understanding of object oriented programming would help too.

Q: Can you mod so all the players have infinite health, infinite stamina, infinite ammo, infinite everything?

A: We wouldn’t do that even if we could, it would make the game totally boring after the first 10 minutes.

Q: Can you stop people from glitching?

A: This is the SWBFII OFFICIAL “GLITCHING” server. We allow players to use the whole map, inside and out, top to bottom and that involves glitching. If you cannot tolerate glitchers you are playing in the wrong server. Ether learn to glitch and go glitch in after them or learn to avoid glitchers. There are very few glitches that do not have a countermeasure and those that don’t are easy to avoid once you are aware of them.

Q: Can you add Mos Eisley Jedi Assault?

A:  Mos Eisley assault is a unique map in SWBF2 which some people love while others hate. The division is so sharp that most servers do not play the map at all while other servers play it exclusively. At this point in time we have opted not to run the map. My reason is that we have not yet modded any of the Jedi and the map would play pretty much the same as it does on any of the Mos Eisley assault servers. Once we get around to modding the Jedi and can offer players a “unique” experience, then we will put a Jedi Assault map in rotation on the server

Q: Can you mod the Jedi?

 A: We do have plans to mod the Jedi but they are the last on the list. They already have all the cool force powers and tend to be stuck up prima donnas.

Q: Is PyroJockey really 51 years old?

A: Yeah, he’s a F#¢%ing caveman

Q: Can you teach me how to mod.

A: No, that’s way too involved. We give out tips and tricks we find along the way. It’s as different as giving someone directions to drive to the video game store vs. teaching them how to drive first before giving them the directions.

Q: When will you mod the Jedi and Do Mos Eisley assault?

A: When we run out of other things to mod.

Q: Can you mod the classes so they are all equal and “level” the playing field?

A: No we cannot, they were not created equal and nor should they be. A level playing field is like a boxing match between to equally match opponents. The intent is to have a “balanced” playing field with highs and lows. This game was designed with classes where each has a different weakness and strength. It requires teamwork and strategy as well as skill to win.

Q: Can you give the Jedi infinite stamina?

A: NO! Not at this time.

Q: What are the rules for the server?

A: We don’t believe in a lot of rules. There are plenty of servers that have rules ranging from “no glitching” to having complex and ambiguous codes of conduct. We want to keep it simple. The only thing we object to is team killing or otherwise working against your team. You get to pick which team you’re so we expect you to fight for it not against it. (If you start force pushing the admin he tends to get pissed and you will be kicked).

Q: Are you going to mod the Jedi and Mos Eisley assault yet?

A: Sure, right after I get the Rancor to tap dance while Jabba sings Yankee Doodle Dandy in Hutaneze and Han Solo snaps his fingers to the beat while still encased in carbonite. After I do all that, then we’ll mod the Jedi. HAPPY NOW?